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 Welcome to


Restorers and Refurbishers of Classic Yashica

Full-Size Rangefinder Cameras

such as the Minister, Lynx, and Electro 35 Series

An original Electro model hybrid, with the lens/meter from a GSN, as the original electronics were DOA


Do you have one of these classics sitting around collecting dust, bugs, small rodents, etc?


You know, digital cameras are fine for snapshots and

blowing off a thousand frames

on your cat's latest hairball...

 but for real photography, you need FILM!!!


Maybe now is the time to bring your camera back to life and enjoy photography again!  


Please visit our Services  page to see what we can do for you!  

If you take a look at our Gallery you will see examples of our work, and get an idea of what your camera might end up looking like!!


Email us to find out if we can help.

























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